Maximizing Use of a Bathroom Remodeling Gallery

Maximizing Use of a Bathroom Remodeling Gallery

Every now and again, we happen to watch the home improvement channel and an amazing remodeled bathroom with the latest styles and bathroom products, and we start daydreaming about that home.  Or maybe you are at a friend’s house and you see the amazing transformation from their old bland bathroom to an impressive and inspiring spa retreat.  You’d wonder if you’d ever leave it if yours was that cozy.

Everybody has those inspiring bathroom remodeling moments.  But after some time, you have the time and the savings to go for it.  First of all, congratulations, you are taking on one of the most rewarding and easier bathroom remodeling projects.  The options are endless, but you don’t have to feel lost.  By using a bathroom remodeling galleryyou will be able to decide what your preference is and what the latest trends are.  Below are areas where it will help you in your project.   bathroom remodeling, bathroom remodeling designs, bathroom remodeling gallery

Bathroom Remodeling Gallery


A bathroom remodeling gallery can show you what the current bathroom remodeling trends are.  You’ll see the various materials used.  You can even get an ideal of what color scheme and theme you want in there.  You’ll see the latest tubs, shower stalls that are out there and what kind of showerheads can complement them.

Even sinks and lighting change with the latest trends.  You can get stand-alone sinks, pedestals, or a bowl instead.  Whatever mood you’re trying to create in your bathroom, you’ll be able to see in the gallery which fixtures give you the type of lighting you want.  Now there’s even ceiling lights above showers.  Galleries can show you different placements and arrangements for lighting, such as the wall or anywhere along the bathroom walls.

Options and Bathroom Hardware

There is an array of hardware selections out there.  Each can give you a different style—modern, elegant, or lavish.  Decorative or plain, whatever your taste in hardware design, there are options out there.  No longer is silver the only selection for faucets, you can get bronzed or gold colored ones too.

Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Taking a look at one will show you what the current styles are for hardware.  You’ll see in the gallery how colors and styles of hardware complement an array of wall designs.  Your hardware can even match from vanity faucet to the shower or bath faucets and handles as well.  Coordinating it all together will give a very smooth look and accent the theme very nicely.


You can even get an idea of the kinds of bathroom remodeling designs you can do in your bathroom space.  If you have a small one, you can see what lighting and shower or tub selection maximizes the space.  For larger spaces you’ll be able to compare different arrangements for the bath/shower, sink, and toilet.  Or you can learn with even a tweak of a bath tub size or vanity size, you can have a different look and free up space in there.

Using a bathroom remodeling gallery can help guide you through the endless options and possibilities.  The more informed you are and aware of the latest trends, the better you can decide how to create your own impressive bathroom to give you that cozy feeling.  After finishing your bathroom remodeling project, you can celebrate by rewarding yourself with some time into your new amazing space.

Jane Hurley
I have been working in and teaching Bathroom Design and Remodeling for over 25 years. I stumbled into it; a designer friend needed an assistant for a couple days. One day turned into 1 month, that then turned into 1 year...and the rest is history. Now I want to share my knowledge through this blog and hope you all can benefit from it :)

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