Bathroom Remodeling for Handicapped Family Members

Bathroom Remodeling for Handicapped Family Members

When someone in your family faces a life challenge and becomes physically handicapped as a result, you naturally take all measures to make the house comfortable for your family member. All attention is devoted to making all the amenities of the house accessible to the person dealing with a disability or a handicap. At times, what is often ignored is the bathroom remodeling that needs to be done to make the entire house accessible and easy to use for handicapped people. There are many bathroom remodel designs and structural changes that you can make to make your bathroom comfortable for family members who are disabled or handicapped.

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Special Needs Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Using the bathroom can be quite challenging for people with handicaps especially when the bathroom remodeling ideas have not been incorporated for their special needs and requirements. For instance, a person with restricted mobility may find it very difficult to use the bathroom shower if the bathroom is not equipped with a chair or a hand rail that can be held on to for support. In such cases, the bathroom has to be remodeled so that it can be made safe as well as convenient for all family members irrespective of physical capabilities. Depending on the kind of disability, the bathroom remodeling can be limited or extensive and finding the average bathroom remodeling cost can be a bit time consuming.

Before embarking on any ambitious project, it is a sensible thing to first sit down with the family member and discuss remodeling a bathroom with them any problems that the current bathroom design might be posing to them in terms of use and convenience. Even when people are severely challenged due to some hardship or physical disability the last they want is to be a burden on someone for their basic needs. So try to make your bathroom so safe and convenient that they do not need to call for anyone’s help before using the bathroom. It can also help to consult with the doctor who may recommend some useful changes to the bathroom design.

Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Keep in mind the cost to remodel bathroom before planning any major redesign. There is no limit to the changes that can be made to your bathroom design but they will all be limited by your budget. Also consider whether you will be doing the bathroom remodeling yourself. As an alternative you may also hire professional remodeling contractors.

There are several bathroom design ideas that you can use to remodel your bathroom. The most important modification that you can make with regard to making your bathroom safe is to make sure that the drainage is so efficient that water does not collect on the floor. This will help to reduce the chances of slipping. Using wood planks for the bathroom flooring in the bathroom shower area can be very effective because the water drains immediately. Moreover, wood is not a slippery surface and is quite safe. Another thing you can do is simply install a seat in the bathroom shower area. Your family member is at less risk of slipping on the bathroom flooring and getting injured if they are taking a shower while seated. Also a hand held shower can be installed instead of a rain shower.

Grab rails can be installed along the walls and especially in the shower area so that your family member is provided with the necessary amount of support to carry themselves around and to avoid slipping on the wet floor. You can also make sure that the water remains at a moderate temperature because extreme temperatures can cause inconvenience to your family member. You can even raise the toilet seat if it is too low for your family member with a physical disability. You can think of bathroom remodeling by getting a higher toilet or simply placing a cushion on your toilet seat.


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