Bathroom Remodeling for Handicapped Elders

Bathroom Remodeling for Handicapped Elders

When you consider taking on a bathroom remodeling project for an elderly handicapped person, you must make sure that you are able to do bathrenovations that will meet the needs of that person. Usability and safety is a major concern of a remodeledbathroom for an elderly handicapped person. It is imperative that the remodeled bathroom has wider doors and clearer floor space because most of the elderly handicapped use walkers and wheelchairs to move around. Bath renovations for them should include accessible features because of their limited mobility.

When your bathroom renovation ideas include accessibility, you can ensure that you choose simple bathroom designs that will allow you to keep your independence. Your bathroom renovation ideas should also compliment future needs such as the installation of vanities, doorways, fixtures and more.

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for the Handicapped

When it comes to bathroom remodeling for the handicapped, make a list of all of their needs and wants. Before you start any work on the simple bathroom designs, it’s important to analyze areas such as the floors, vanity needs, door width, showers, space, toilets and more. As a part of your bathroom remodeling ideas, you’ll need to implement as much clear floor space as you can. In order to get a wheelchair into remodeled bathrooms, you need 60” diameter.

You will also need to install non slip floors in a handicapped person’s bathroom remodel Seattle as well. This is the only way they’ll be able to maneuver in their bathroom remodel Seattle comfortably. As a part of your bathroom remodeling ideas, you should also install a raised toilet. Most home remodeling contractors recommend that the seat of the toilet be 17-19 inches in height. By installing a comfort seating toilet or using an add-on seat adapter, you can achieve this.

Use mats in the designer bath that are nonskid with a backing that prevents them from moving once put on the floor. You can add slip proof material or slip proof adhesive strips to their designer bath tubs or showers. Be sure to lower the heater to 120 degrees and install an anti-scald regulator that prevents them from getting burned in the sink, shower and tub.

There should be plenty of light when you walk into a handicapped bathroom, you can achieve this by installing dimmer lights. You can use motion sensors, nightlights and recessed lighting to make sure that even when it’s dark there will be adequate lighting in a handicapped elder’s bathroom. You might even decide to position light sconces on the mirror to prevent any shadows in it. As a part of your bath remodel ides, make sure that light switches are exactly 48 inches from the floor and electrical outlets should be about 28 inches above the floor.

Contacting a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Include in your bath remodel ideas roll in showers, walk in bathtubs, and grab bars that are conveniently located near the toilet and bath. This ensures safety and easy mobility. Talk to home remodeling contractors about putting in a vanity that allows you to pull a wheelchair underneath it. You can also choose other options where a cabinet is not located underneath.

Install full length mirrors or position other mirrors to reflect a person in a wheelchair. Cabinets and closets should be able to be reached sitting down. Blinds should be operated by remote control and be sure to install a waterproof, button or necklace emergency alert system. When you’re ready to have your bathroom remodeled, choose contractors that are reputable. Check their references and keep in mind that just because it’s a handicapped bathroom being remodeled, you don’t have to give up style or design.

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