9 Tips to Success in Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

9 Tips to Success in Bathroom Remodeling

Everyone wants to have a successful project.  Well, how do you make sure it is successful?  Nothing is ever fool proof.  But with the right considerations from these 9 tips they can help you get on the right track to success and see you through your ideas.

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9 Tips to Success in Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

1.   Finding a qualified and recommended contractor

Hiring a qualified and recommend contractor can make the difference between a successful project that is on time and within budget or one that exceeds your cost expectations.  Finding the right contractor will help you to be sure you get what you’re paying for, as well as getting the remodeled bathroom you’ve been planning.

2.   Having a successful bathroom remodeling designs plan

Taking the time to put some forethought into the design of your bathroom will help prepare for the steps needed to complete your project. Knowing what your end goal is and how to get there step by step will keep your project running smoothly.

3.   Creating the bathroom work triangle

Many people have heard of the kitchen work triangle, but the lesser known triangle is the bathroom work triangle.  It refers to the functional distance between your sink, shower or tub, and the toilet; creating the right space will make an easier flow for you to get around the bathroom, especially in small bathroom remodels.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Remodeling Products

1.   Material selection

Things to consider when selecting what materials to use are its durability, material cost, texture, and its wow factor when remodeling a bathroom.  By wow factor, you want to consider how it’s going to immediately look to anyone who steps into your bathroom.  Will they walk in amazed and inspired or as if it’s just an ordinary bathroom?

2.   Lighting that works

Selecting the right lighting can make the difference between having a dull bathroom and a bathroom that sets the right mood and ambiance.  There is a great selection in lighting options like scones, vanity lights, just to name a few.  Getting the right combination of these lighting options can create just the right lighting you need to complete your bathroom’s look.

3.   Choosing the right trim

Trim may seem like a small detail, but it’s a detail that can totally transform the room into a cleaner look.  Just look on the Internet and compare pictures of bathrooms with trim and without trim.  You’ll quickly see that it gives it a classier look.  It’s a great inexpensive way to add a little more elegance to your remodeled bathroom.

4.   Selecting the right hardware and fixtures

Although light fixtures may be above eyesight and not easily seen, poor choices in these fixtures can stand out, giving your bathroom a mismatched and awkward look.  Choosing the right hardware can complement the rest of the changes in the bathroom and help complete the look.

Other helpful tips:

1.   Tracking the details

When you’re caught up in the big details of your project, sometimes minor items may be missed or forgotten.  They may seem minor, but when all is said and done, your bathroom will be missing some of its functionality.  Functionality sounds a little too technical for a bathroom, but where will you hang your towel if the towel bar wasn’t installed.  Be sure to track these items so you know you’re getting the complete bathroom you want.

2.   Keep it realistic

Everyone wants to have the elegant and extravagant bathrooms on television and in home magazines, but budgets can only let us go far in creativity and imagination.  Also, simple is always good.  Having too many things crowded into your new bathroom space can quickly shrink it down and take away from its real charm.

The smoother a bathroom remodeling project can go, the less frustration and headache you will have.  And, the more likelihood you’ll have a new bathroom with a modern design that will be your pride and joy for years to come.  Simply following the 9 tips outlined here will be sure to help you get there.  Remember to look at example pictures to give you more ideas on how to remodel a bathroom. Your success can be achieved when you follow the right steps.


Jane Hurley
I have been working in and teaching Bathroom Design and Remodeling for over 25 years. I stumbled into it; a designer friend needed an assistant for a couple days. One day turned into 1 month, that then turned into 1 year...and the rest is history. Now I want to share my knowledge through this blog and hope you all can benefit from it :)

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  3. What more can make a successful bathroom remodelling project than having a great plan ahead and choosing the right pieces of bathroom materials! It doesn’t have to be complicated if one only considers what will really work well to remodel a bathroom to perfection.

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